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Salad with Baguette

with food program

how does mindfulness impact your food + nutrition habits?

Nutrition is a pillar to the eMpower performance lifestyle-focused method.

Have you determined that your mindfulness habits (or lack-there-of) interrupt your food + nutrition habits?

What if there was an online program that helped you navigate this busy fall + winter season?

You're in luck!

Understand what mindfulness is + how to incorporate it into your daily + weekly habits.

Identify external + internal factors that influence your food + nutrition habits (and how your body responds to these factors).

Incorporate the mindfulness practices that work for you into your food + nutrition habits for a calm + mindful season.

have you ever felt


out of sync



when sitting down to eat?

Melissa Lineburg

As a working artist, I've noticed that mindfulness-related behaviors and many factors influence my performance yet this relationship is often overlooked because our focus is the on the "food is fuel" aspect of nutrition.

These things you're feeling could be due to your stress levels, sleep quality + quantity, how you eat, how your body responds to these factors, and so much more.

eMpower performance graphics (2160 x 1080 px).png

eMpower performance guides you to mindfully approach meal + snack time!

Fresh Produce


What are the factors of mindfulness practices + your body's responses to stimuli that affect your food + nutrition habits?

Laptop and Notebook


Move throughout this 6-week program with guides that support your mindfulness practices and food + nutrition habits.

Hands Up

group support

You and your peers in this program will have the opportunity to meet with Melissa for small group support!

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