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May 27, 2024 - Jun 30, 2024

Fueling for Summer: A Dancer's Nutrition Program

  • 35Days
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Join the waitlist today! Fueling for Summer is a 4-week nutrition program designed to help dancers optimize their performance during their summer dance program. This program emphasizes the importance of proper nutrition to fuel the body for the physical demands of dance. It includes guidance on meal planning and making balanced food choices to support energy levels, endurance, injury prevention, and recovery. With included group and 1:1 sessions, the program is specifically tailored to balance the nutritional needs of participating dancers, with an emphasis on the unique demands of their summer dance program schedules. Overall, dancers can achieve their full potential during their summer program with optimal nutrition and fueling strategies using the eMpower performance method. Program Includes: - Nutrition Education + key concepts for Summer Programs Energy balance/injury prevention Overnight Rest + Recovery Schedule mapping + meal planning prep In the Kitchen: Snack Prep 101 - 4-group sessions - two, 1:1 sessions dancers can schedule during the program - Private Group Chat for conversations + questions - Recipe Book - Sample Meal Plan + Grocery List - Option to add a package of 1:1 sessions throughout their summer program Cost: $225 Participating dancers will have the option to add on Summer Corps Membership at $195/mo for 3 months - an exclusive offer. Important Dates: Waitlist Opens: April 22, 2024 Application Opens: May 6 Applications Due: May 12 at 5pm, ET Acceptance Emails Sent: May 16 Payment + Enrollment due May 19 Program Dates: Monday, May 27 - Sunday, June 30, 2024

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