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how does food impact your dancing?

Nutrition is a pillar to the eMpower performance lifestyle-focused method.

Have you determined that your daily eating habits support or hinder your performance in class, rehearsal, and on stage?

What if there was a guide that explained how nutrients influence your overall performance and provided a template to put it that knowledge into practice?

You're in luck!

Understand the impact of nutrients on performance, stamina, and energy levels?

Know that your eating + drinking habits work for, not against, you

Reflect on your fueling habits and how they impact your dancing?

have you ever felt

weak, tired


poorly rested


in rehearsals or onstage?

Melissa Lineburg

As a working artist, I've noticed that food-related behaviors almost immediately impacts performance yet this relationship is often overlooked because our focus is the physicality of our artform.

These sensations you experience could be due to inadequate nutrient intake, improper hydration, or other factors.

eMpower performance graphics (2160 x 1080 px).png

eMpower performance guides you to properly fuel and ready to dance!

Fresh Produce

max the nutrients

Learn how specific nutrients impact your dancing and where/how can you ensure you're eating a variety of adequate amounts.

Laptop and Notebook


Move at your own pace by following templates provided to guide your fueling habits.


individualized support

Wanting more? Lean on a nutrition professional for support. Two, 30-minute check-ins are included with your eMpower performance guide purchase.

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