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Feeling tired and unsure how to best use your break to rejuvenate for what's next?

Curious to know about rest + recovery?


Why is rest + recovery from a physical aspect important?


What is the best way to rest + prepare for dance in the new year?


How do physical therapy + nutrition impact rest + recovery?

Meet the Team


Dr. Megan Barker loves to learn. She has a passion for learning about her clients, what motivates and challenges them, and what they envision in their happiest future. This genuine interest and curiosity makes her a strong physical therapist and health coach.

Megan has treated a wide range of artistic athletes, ranging from young teens to professionals in Broadway shows. Her experience and love of dance means she can understand the demands and needs of her clients.


Melissa Lineburg is a Certified Nutrition Specialist candidate dedicated to supporting the arts and artists, specifically dance, through her work on- and off-stage.

She founded eMpower performance to support performance athletes and fitness enthusiasts on their wellness journeys and she enjoys the learning and creativity that comes with supporting each client on their individual and unique needs. Melissa strives to support all dancers, both in- and outside of the studio, and she believe that dancers must be valued and elevated for their talent and excellence.

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