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21-Day Mindfulness Challenge

Are you guilty of repeating the phrase: I don't have time for that?

Curious how making the time for mindfulness during the week can influence your wellness? All you need is yourself! Let's begin the challenge!

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what is it?

eMpower 21-Day Mindfulness Challenge is a starting point to incorporating mindfulness into your day, week, or however often you're able to! We'll start slow and, maybe you stay there or maybe you build to longer or more frequent moments of mindfulness.

It's a self-guided program that will lead you through the next 21-days, whenever you decide to start!

the eMpower performance approach

Mindfulness is a component of the three-prong eMpower performance approach to health + wellness.

Tracking your being mindful of your nutritional intake and consumption is only part of your journey. Did you know there are other factors that contribute to how you access, metabolize, and use the nutrients you eat? External factors are one of these major factors.



the act of changing position



the act of nourishing or being nourished

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the quality or state of being aware

not quite ready to join?

Curious but not ready to embark on the 21-day Mindfulness Challenge quite yet?

Start your journey towards mindfulness with these weekly mindfulness prompts + journal templates.

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