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ongoing reading list + suggested listening

Good morning! I have been procrastinating this blog post and needed to just dive right in. This post will be periodically updated to include books I've read, podcasts/webinars/videos I've watched, and a variety of other outlets that I recommend to you, as a follower, my clients, and anyone who prioritizes their individual journey towards health + wellness.

I welcome conversation, questions, and anything you have to share with me regarding my recommendations and thoughts included below.

The first book that really got me thinking about how all-consuming my food-related thoughts were - When was my next meal? What was I going to eat? Did I eat too much today, maybe I should skip dinner? Not a healthy conversation with yourself, huh?

The Omnivore's Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals by Michael Pollan

Sure, it was required reading for my Master's program and still worth recommending on this list! Have you ever thought about all the steps the go into the process of bringing food to the grocery store? This is a great read and can be a great starting place for ideas to bring your food consumption/shopping more local. Remember, overhauls to habits are not necessary nor accessible for everyone! I recommend taking what you can into consideration and leaving the rest for future or never.

While this is a great read, I also happened across and am incredibly grateful to The Maintenance Phase podcast episode for critically analyzing this read and providing a new perspective for me! I highly recommend listening to the episode after reading Pollan's book.

Another required read for my program and one I highly recommend reading. It's interesting to learn about the manufacturing of food to stimulate our desire for more - whether through natural or artificial flavoring.

Any book by Marion Nestle

A few that I've read:

Nestle's books and viewpoints are often controversial. I have found both their books and weekly commentary on research studies to inform and expand my understanding of nutrition. What's shared can help to shed new/different lights to topics often assumed as true or that have historically been accepted as fact when, in reality, they're not true or fact.

Similar to The F*ck It Diet and The Omnivore's Dilemma, this books helped expand my understanding and think about how and what I regularly eat in new ways. Again, be mindful of what you'd like to incorporate suggestions/Megan's experience into your daily/weekly habits as it's not all available or accessible to everyone. Kimble makes suggestions like getting appliances repaired, finding second hand when possible, and processing your own foods (like nut butter, nut milk, yogurt, or others) at home rather than buying them ready-made.

Woof, that's a long title, and took quite awhile to read through as well. It's certainly an interesting read that offers a variety of pathogenesis for disease and poor health. Personally, I do keep coming back to the question posed in another book on this list: Is it obesity that precedes poor health outcomes and risk factors? Or could it be that yo-dieting and society's prioritization of dieting over true health + wellness instigates disease and poor health outcomes? Certainly questions to keep in mind and continue exploring on the research front.

Maybe a surprising find for my list. I fully support eating of wheat and wheat products, period - unless, of course, you are diagnosed with Celiac Disease or have any other health condition that requires you to avoid or eliminate gluten from your diet. And, trust me, if this has to be you, you know before a diagnosis is given. Still, a recommended read for perspectives and ideas to consider in your health + wellness journey.

This took me awhile to get through, and I'm so glad that I pushed through to learn all about the history of National School Lunch Program and communities of care. Highly recommend!

Health at Every Size: The Surprising Truth About Your Weight by Linda Bacon


Please note, some of the links above are affiliate links. This means that at no additional cost to you, I may earn a commission if you click through and complete a purchase. I only share products and companies use and personally trust.

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