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prioritize your #2 💩

Not sure about y'all, but when I travel it's very apparent that my #2 becomes my #1 priority...

And yes, we're talking about bowel rhythm, poo, poop, poopy - whatever it is that you call it.

Regular bowel rhythm - which looks different for each of us but is commonly defined as having at least one good poop daily. What's a good poop, you ask? Again, that is unique to each of us, but I like to use the Bristol Stool Chart as a guide to what might be more or less "normal."

Any number of things can throw off your normal bathroom schedule: travel, stress, diet shifts + changes, hydration status, and so much more.

There are a number of fiber-rich foods you can reach for to help you go and I encourage you to return to your grounding practices - is it your morning banana, like me? your podcast listening? late-night reading? a specific snack? Whatever it is can help!

Here are my top tips to help get that bowel rhythm back: 💩

1️⃣ Eat the Rainbow - Including a variety of foods in your diet not only ensures adequate nutrient intake but also varies the sources and types of fiber that we all need to stay regular.

2️⃣ Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate - Fiber + water is a beautiful bowel pas de deux. Especially soluble fibers which require water to pass through our intestines.

3️⃣ Practice your regular eating patterns - Especially when travelling or away from home, the timing of your meals and snacks might be different than you're used to. As much as your schedule allows, try to stick as closely as you can to the timing that works best for you. And definitely don't skip meals, that's a perfect way to throw off your bathroom schedule.

Let me know what helps you get back on schedule!

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I'm a Nutrition Educator & Wellness Coach based in and serving Washington, DC and the DMV region. My lifestyle-focused method has successfully helped clients achieve personal results and enhance athletic ability, eMpowering performance in class, rehearsals, and on-stage. As professional dancer myself, I have gained nutritional balance and improved my own relationship with food through many years of practice and a Masters of Science in Nutrition from University of Bridgeport. I bring this depth of personal and academic experience to a variety of clients, particularly performance athletes and fitness enthusiasts. In my spare time, I teach yoga and manage Ballet Embody, a professional contemporary ballet company.
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