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dance into 2024: resolutions for dancers

Welcome to a new year filled with possibilities, fellow dancers! As the social media wave of New Year's Resolutions continues to roll through our feeds, let's take a moment to dissect the concept. The word 'resolution' is a firm decision to do or not to do something—plain and simple. It's about making a conscious choice, not about conforming to societal pressures.

Gone are the days of resolutions tethered to changing body weight, adopting grueling workout routines, or feeling the sudden urge to plunge into activities that never sparked our interest before. Trust me, realizing this has made celebrating the turn of the year a lot more enjoyable. After all, it's a global holiday observed by the entire world in every time zone—a shared moment. That's pretty remarkable, don't you think?

This year, let's shift away from traditional and unsustainable resolutions. Instead, together, let's focus on cultivating sustainable habits—ones that not only contribute to our overall health but also empower our performance as dancers. It's time to embrace this kind of resolution, where our choices align with our passion rather than harm it.

gratitude + reflection

Integrate gratitude into your daily life. Create a habit of reflecting on the aspects of each day that support you and the life you are creating. Gratitude can be practiced in so many ways! To name a few, try some on: morning meditation, a moment’s pause before meals, evening meditation, journaling, deep breathing, or a practice that you find beneficial and that fits into your schedule.

Speaking of schedule…

supportive schedule

A question I always ask myself at the beginning of each year: Is my schedule supportive of all that I am working towards and hope to accomplish?

This is a major question - so have patience with yourself if it’s a scary one! For my busy and schedule-filled clients, this is usually one of the first items we address in our first 4-6 weeks of working together. Curious? Let’s chat!

sustainable fitness

Shift the focus from intense, short-lived workouts to a sustainable and enjoyable fitness routine. Explore activities that bring you joy, incorporate nature/time outside, and are supportive for your dancing. I certainly have recommendations here but want to hear from YOU what you’re looking for AND what your schedule allows for. Whether it's dancing (something different than what you’re training in), hiking, walking, or yoga, find a balance that works for you.

mind-body connection

Clients often find it surprising that any controlling or disordered behaviors surrounding nutrition and exercise can create a significant chasm in their mind-body connection. We've touched on this topic before, acknowledging that our relationship with food and exercise profoundly influences the intuitive connection that is typically robust in us as dancers. After all, we engage with our bodies day in and day out in the studio.

However, disruptions can occur when our hunger cues become dysregulated, chronic stress takes its toll with frequent and exhaustive exercise, sleep becomes elusive, and various other symptoms emerge—often, unknowingly caused by our own practices. A resolution to incorporate gratitude and reflection can be a valuable starting point. Moreover, seeking support from someone (🙋‍♀️ Hi, it’s me!) who can guide you through the journey of unraveling these practices and rebuilding your mind-body connection can be immensely beneficial. Remember, you don't have to navigate this journey alone; a supportive companion can make all the difference.

Whether you’re setting resolutions for the year or are actively against resolutions, you hold the power to make conscious choices that align with your passion for dance and can truly empower your performance no matter what this year has in store for you.

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I'm a Nutrition Educator & Wellness Coach based in and serving Washington, DC and the DMV region. My lifestyle-focused method has successfully helped clients achieve personal results and enhance athletic ability, eMpowering performance in class, rehearsals, and on-stage. As professional dancer myself, I have gained nutritional balance and improved my own relationship with food through many years of practice and a Masters of Science in Nutrition from University of Bridgeport. I bring this depth of personal and academic experience to a variety of clients, particularly performance athletes and fitness enthusiasts. In my spare time, I teach yoga and manage Ballet Embody, a professional contemporary ballet company.
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